Role of gapy, list of peripherals and capabilities of gvsoc
Yes, this actually does help Smile Thanks!

It helps because now I understand what do you mean under "configuration". My first impression was that there are "configurations" of PULP platform source code that deliver different versions of GVSoC which influences how the C code is then executed. Now I see your point, under "configuration" you mean (and completely logical) an RTL that has been fabricated, i.e. "tested and known", like you said in the first message. Sorry, I didn't get that. Now it makes sense, thanks for the clarifications.

As for gapy, no, there's nothing that's not working. It's a matter of engineering curiosity: I am simply unaware of the concept "python generator", first time I read about this notion. Also, in the tutorial slides, gapy is just mentioned in slide 8 and I never see it used later on, so... just trying to understand what is going on.

I apologize for being repetitive. I completely understand the difficulty in responding to questions that are too wide. Thank you so much for the responses up to now - I'll try to investigate further and learn more.

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