Which SDK to be used to compile applications for FPGA nowadays?

Earlier I used SDK V1 to compile C codes to run over FPGAs, however, I used it with an older version of the RTL. Many changes have been made to the RTL and a new SDK version has been released. 

However, the new SDK doesn't have instructions on how to compile applications for FPGA targets neither I see the same directory structure as the old one.

When I used the V1 SDK to compile the application to run over the Nexys A7 using the new RTL, I faced this issue: 

Quote:19 #include <stdio.h>

20 #include <rt/rt_apt.h>

22 int __rt_fpga_fc_frequency = 10008000; // e.g. 10000800 for 10MHZ;
23 int __rt_fpga_periph_frequency = 5000000; // e.g. 5000000 for SMHZ;
(gdb) list

26 int main()

27 {

28 while (1) {

29 printf("Hello World!\n\r");

30 for (volatile int i=6; 1<1000008; i++);

31 }

2 return 0;

(gdb) continue



Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
0x1c009452 in __rt_exit_debug_bridge (status= -1)  at libs/i0/10.c:560

Please advise, thanks!

Also, when I connect GDP with the OPENOCD, I get the following message:

Target-supplied registers are not supported by the current architecture 0x1a000080 in ?? ()

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