RISC V proyect research
Hello everyone,

Im currently doing a research for a future proyect about RISC V based core IPs,  chips, devboards fully designed and manufactured in Europe that are being commercialized right now. Preferable if the devboard counts with multiple communication protocols, no FPGAs, less 25W consumption, no SoC.
If in development I  would also appreciate the information. I know SiFive is selling european designed and manufactured RISC V dev boards, but, the RISC V chips themselfs are manufactured in China.

Thank you in advance for the assistance.

That is a French company that has designed commercial products (GAP8, GAP9) and development boards based on our open source offerings.

Notice that open source does not have regions, it is open for the entire world. Modern manufacturing processes and teams are not really tied to one particular geography. Even if a particular company is geographically in continental Europe, it is probably using EDA tools designed by a company that has headquarters in Silicon Valley, getting its chips manufactured in Taiwan, the PCBs in Mainland China, assembly in Singapore, minerals from Africa, and its employees a diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds.

More than half of the chips worldwide are produced in Asia, and when an international company has a production plant in geographic Europe (i.e GF in Dresden) I am not so sure that automatically makes it European (similarly do you consider a Toyota made in Kentucky an American car?). I'll leave these debates to those who are interested in politics, for open source developers there are no borders Smile

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