How do I get the files needed for a custom model to be deployed on PULP?
Hi, I am trying to deploy a custom model on the PULP platform. So far, I have successfully quantized the custom model and generated the ".onnx" file through the NEMO. However, while generating the network through the "" file under the DORY, I get an error: "out_layer0.txt not found". How can I get the required ".txt" files such as "input.txt",  "out_layer0.txt", "out_layer1.txt" and so on? Also, I would like to know if the ".json" file containing information about the model parameters can be generated automatically. Or do I have to fill it in manually? I would be very grateful for your reply!
the files out_layerXX.txt are generated also by NEMO (now, you can use Quantlib, which is more advanced, to perform quantization and export). The .json file has to be manually compiled with your needs in terms of memory and directories. Please take the already present ones as examples.

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