About Bug Fix for RI5CY Core

I noticed that Google IPU team reported serveral bugs about RI5CY core in the RISC-V Workshop this MAY. I am wondering whether PULP team has yet fixed them in the Github release.

Hope for your response.

----- Details about the bugs -----
Bugs found in:
○ Multiplier

Bugs reported in page 12 of  Google's Reports on the evaluation of RI5CY
RISC-V Workshop website: RISC-V Workshop in Barcelona Proceedings
RTL Core for RI5CY Github release

Excellent question. Yes, definitely, the bugs that were discovered through the effort of Google have all been reported, and had been addressed by the time the presentation was made. The open source development has the advantage that EVERYONE can see and report bugs, from large corporations to individuals. Google has been very active in reporting what they find, and we were able to fix several issues thanks to them. But they are not the only ones contributing, you can see open issues at the GitHub page (for RI5CY)


As well as those that were reported and closed


Note that not all bug reports come as an issue, some are reported directly, and some already get solutions implemented in the form of a pull request. Some people consider the quality of an open source project by the amount of activity in issues and pull requests (pr).

Using the latest version from the GitHub will allow you to get the core with the latest fixes. Notice that there are also several active branches of the repository:


These represent changes that are being tested and you can at any time see the differences and what is happening in these branches as well. Some of them that have not been updated are so called stale branches, meaning work on them (for some reason) has stopped. 

In short, we actively try to address all the issues reported, and Google has been very helpful in this regard. Using the latest stable (master) version in GitHub is the best way to ensure that you are using the most up to date core.
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@kgf, thanks for your patient response and your excellent work on PULP project.

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