hero-sdk for ZynqMP
Hello again,

I'm trying to build hero-sdk, specifically hero-gcc-toolchain, for use on a ZCU102 and I'm running into some errors.
The first error is when compiling aeabi_lcsts.c:
hero-sdk/hero-gcc-toolchain/install/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libc/usr/include/asm/sigcontext.h:53:2: error: unknown type name '__uint128_t'

With some googling this *may* be related to CFLAGS with a -std=c11 instead of -std=gnu11. However the output from make says I'm already using gnu11:
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc ../sysdeps/arm/aeabi_lcsts.c -c -std=gnu11 -fgnu89-inline [... snip ...]

To retarget the host CPU architecture I've made the following changes in hero-sdk:
diff --git a/scripts/hero-z-7045-env.sh b/scripts/hero-z-7045-env.sh
index 0c7af43..31bba7d 100755
--- a/scripts/hero-z-7045-env.sh
+++ b/scripts/hero-z-7045-env.sh
@@ -36,11 +36,11 @@ export HERO_TARGET_PATH_DRIVER="${HERO_TARGET_PATH}/drivers"
 # Host-side platform config
-export PLATFORM="2"
-export BOARD="zc706"
+export PLATFORM="5"
+export BOARD="zcu102"
 # Host-side user-space config
-export ARCH="arm"
+export ARCH="arm64"
 export CROSS_COMPILE="arm-linux-gnueabihf-"
 export HERO_LIBPULP_DIR=`realpath hero-support/libpulp`
And in hero-gcc-toolchain:
diff --git a/scripts/hero_arm_toolchain_env.sh b/scripts/hero_arm_toolchain_env.sh
index 6cedabe..67a3760 100755
--- a/scripts/hero_arm_toolchain_env.sh
+++ b/scripts/hero_arm_toolchain_env.sh
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
 HERO_HOST_FPU_CONFIG="--with-fpu=neon-fp16 --with-float=hard"


Build platform is Ubuntu 16.04.
If I leave scripts/hero-z-7045-env.sh so that it's configured for ZC706 with ARM7 host cores then all parts of the hero-sdk build process complete successfully.

Since there appears to be some code related to ZynqMP in the makefiles, is there somebody here who has successfully built for this target?
Dave McEwan, PhD student
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Communications

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