Sharing data between PULP and HWPE on HERO
(01-08-2019, 09:57 AM)akurth Wrote:
Quote:If I use addresses like in PULPissimo, what are the proper addresses? (I was advised to use 0x1b201000, but it didn't work for me)
Proper addresses for what? 0x1b201000 would be in the peripherals, and I think it should go to the HWPE. What do you mean by it did not work? What happens in an RTL simulation of bigPULP with your accelerator at the HWPE when you access that address?

I followed your advice and ran an RTL simulation. I followed the relevant periph symbols and I see that data is written to some address which I didn't write any data to (I did read from it, but did not write to it). In addition, I noticed that the r_valid signal is active when the r_data contains x... so that makes me think I didn't connect my HWPE to the cluster in the proper way. I changed, created a top wrap for my accelerator and used its instance instead of xne_top_wrap. This is the code for my wrap. I also set XNE_PRESENT to 1.
Do you know what can be the problem? Alternatively, is there a working example for a HWPE integrated into bigpulp?


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