Sharing data between PULP and HWPE on HERO
Hi Andreas,

After some debugging, I managed to find the problem.
First, in I believe it's supposed to be: 
.periph_wen       (hwacc_cfg_slave.wen    ) 
And not:
.periph_wen       (~hwacc_cfg_slave.wen    )

In addition, in, the clock gating is not really implemented and I understand this is because you can't do it on FPGA. However, with the existing code, the functionality in seems to be broken, since it looks like it relies on clock gating.
The consequence is that when I write some value to a certain register, all the registers get this value.
In order to make it work, I used the code for clock gating from pulpissimo. However, I believe this works only in simulations and not on the FPGA. How do I fix the problem?

For now, I fixed it by using the original file (with no clock gating), and changed the condition in the latch_wdata process in to:
if ((ClocksxC[k][l] == 1'b1) && (WAddrOneHotxD[k][l]))
Instead of:
if( ClocksxC[k][l] == 1'b1)
Worked for me in simulation. Haven't tried it on FPGA yet.


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