RISCY modifications possibilties
> First of all RI5CY already has a HW loop controller, so technically no change is needed there. 
Yes, I understand that RI5CY already has a hardware loop controller but I just used it as an example to indicate the type of hardware modification I was talking about.

> Any addition to the processor functionality will need some additional support from the SW chain. It is of course possible that you add 
> these and modify the SDK so that it works with these additions as well. But this is not 'automatic' and we do not really have a manual
> and step by step instructions for it. So technically possible, but practically involved. 


> You can always use part of what we offer standalone (i.e. RI5CY without the SDK) and just patch the C compiler for your changes as
>  well.

If the compiler changes were patched up, what about the software changes for example in the kernel to support the custom extensions.
> The other question is, once you made the changes, would we include them in the distribution and integrate your solution as part of our
> distribution? That is also possible in theory, but we need to maintain compatibility to existing projects and operation targets for the 
> RI5CY core. A branch in this case would be the more pragmatic approach. 


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