[PULP] Peripheral bus memory map

I have been working on adding a HWPE to the bigpulp cluster. For start I added the HWPE MAC example into the bigpulp and synthesis passes.
Now, I would like to write an application in HERO-SDK that uses the MAC engine but I could not find the memory map for peripheral bus.

Is there a file in bigpulp which defines offsets of connected peripherals to the peripheral bus or is there any documentation about it?
To be more specific, I would like to know the base address of the HWPE and where it is defined in bigpulp.
Hi lukamac,

bigPULP uses the regular pulp_cluster. The configuration interface of the HWPE is attached to the cluster peripherals, which are defined in the pulp_cluster_package. The base offset for peripherals within a cluster is `0x0020_0000` and within there, each peripheral occupies a range of `0x400`, so you should be able to access the HWPE config interface with an offset of `0x0020_1000` relative to the cluster base address (`0x1000_0000`) at `0x1020_1000`.


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