Porting Ariane to KC705

I'm currently porting the Ariane core to the KC705 board, as it is using the same FPGA as the Genesys II this should be a feasible task to do. So far I adapted the constraint file to match the KC705 board and also changed the part and board variables in the Makefile. The KC705 has different amounts of switches and LEDs so I reduced the number where necessary. Also the cpu_reset is inverted on the KC705. In the fpga/scripts/write_cfgmem.tcl I changed the SPI memory size parameter to 128 (as provided by the KC705).
The KC705 doesn't have an FTDI chip like the Genesys II. Therefore, the KC705 lacks the necessary configurable JTAG pins that are connected to the dmi_jtag module. For now I temporarily worked around that by wiring it up to a BSCANE2 module and hardwiring the trst to 1. In the future I plan on using a second JTAG that I connect to some GPIO pins to wire them up to the module.
I also built the ariane-sdk using the provided makefile and put it on an SD card.

The bitstream is sent to the KC705 just fine. I added some additional logic to to make sure the clock and reset are working by wiring them up to the LEDs, so this part seems to be just fine.

I checked the bootrom and according to the main.c in fpga/src/bootrom/src/ it is supposed to 'print_uart("Hello World!\r\n");' in the beginning of the bootrom. However, I don't receive this output (or any other) on my terminal.
I'm using the `screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200` command from the github readme. I made sure to use the correct ttyUSB by dis- and reconnecting the separate UART cable on the KC705 while checking the /dev folder.

Are there any additional files/settings I need to adjust? Any idea how to get this to work or how to debug it?

Also:     During the `make fpga` an ariane.xpr vivado project file is created in the fpga folder. If I open this file it is empty, is this supposed to be the case? I wanted to add some ILA cores to further debug my issue, but without a working project this gets more tedious.
Thank you.

Edit: typos
Okay I figured it out. Long story short: the xlnx_mig_7_ddr3 memory module also needed to be reconfigured for the KC705.

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