how to simulate CV32E40P core
I am trying to simulate CV32E40P core. In example_tb file in core folder there is a make file. It is showing error

vlib-"10.7b" work
/bin/sh: 1: vlib-10.7b: not found
make: *** [Makefile:87: .lib-rtl] Error 127

I read in the documentation that there is a separate repository for verification. I have run the makefile in core-v-verif/cv32/sim/core. i was able to run hello world program. But i dont why in CV32E40P core it was not running.

I wanted to explore floating point unit in CV32E40P core. Can you please say how to simulate with system verilog files

I am not able to understand how to give input to the core. Please help me

Thanks in advance

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