QuestaSim Installation for RTL Simulation
If I were to guess, this would be an older Questasim/Modelsim. Most probably one that comes packaged with Altera/Intel (as that one seems to be somehow available). You will need a proper and relatively recent installation. Try
vlog -version

if this is something from 2019 or newer it should be OK.. (older version can also work) Then the problem is somewhere else, but the error message suggests that the vlog script did not work properly.

I know it sounds a bit elitist, but if you are planning on running RTL simulations and make changes/modifications at RTL level, you will need to get more familiar with the tools associated with it.

On the other hand, maybe for what you want to do, RTL level simulations may be an overkill, and you might want to use the virtual platform. We even have an image ready with teh GVSoC platform on the training page.
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