run PULPino on Ubuntu 20.04

I'm planning to run PULPino on Ubuntu 20.04 and started at

Do I need to use a specific gcc to run? Can you explain the steps involved in implementing this platform?

Thanks dear friends

PULPino is a very simple RISC-V system that we are not developing anymore. It should work well, especially if you are interested in playing around with the core and do not care much about peripherals. Otherwise PULPissimo is a more up to date microcontroller that is more representative of a modern system and is actively maintained.

The Linux operating system you have is not that relevant to PULPino/PULPissimo, you should be able to get things working with any system. However, if you are just starting out, why don't you consider starting with GVSoC (an emulator for the PULP platform) and there are some introductory tutorials under:

The one I am talking is the GVSoC / Dory Tutorial

You can also find the slides and the explanation. But it also comes with a VM image that has all the tools installed and ready to go that should give you an idea.. Getting everything to work will take a bit of time, so the VM could get you started..

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I followed the instructions at but I got the following error when running hello:

$ make clean all run VERBOSE=1
Makefile:16: /tools/rules/ No such file or directory
make: *** There are no rules to make target "/tools/rules/". Stop.

I set the RULES_DIR path in the Makefile as follows:

Thanks for your tips.
I am sorry for the problems, but I do not have an answer for your question. At least to me, it is not obvious what the problem is, and without sitting in front of it, it is not possible for me to figure out what is happening. in 99% of the cases, some preparatory step ends up missing, one command was omitted, one variable was not set, some package was not installed or smtg like that.  

If you want to work with projects where you need to rely on command line tools and different packages, you will need to get your hands a bit dirty and try to follow up on error/warning messages. 

The only hint we have is:

"Makefile:16: /tools/rules/ No such file or directory"

So something in line 16 in the makefile is not working as it should. Start from there. It is possible that an earlier step did not complete properly and when we came to line 16 what we needed was not there. 

Maybe someone else has seen this error before..
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Unfortunately, the same error also occurs in the vm image, and on slide 32, I encounter the same problem when executing the following command:
clear all runners runner_args=''--vcd''
I am not sure I understand. You were able to do everything properly until slide 32 and you are only having an issue with VCD generation?? Were you able to get hello world to work?

Or nothing seems to be working and you are typing commands you see on the following slides to see if things will work?

Unfortunately, working with our releases still requires a bit of patience, and a systematic approach is needed to sort out problems. At least for me it is not possible to guess what you have done, and where the mistake is. From experience, I can tell that it is very likely that you have missed a step, or had a typo. These sometimes happen when you rush into things. Start from scratch, go through the manual step by step.

The VM image did not change since the video was made, and you can see in the video how the process is supposed to look like.

Feel free to open an issue at github for GVSoC or contribute to the documentation once you figure out the issue. Of course if there is something wrong in the documentation, or the video we will be happy to fix it..

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